Thursday, February 2, 2012

Draining cupboard

Meet a marvelous Finnish innovation: draining cupboard. It's a kitchen cupboard without bottom, having only metal grids as shelves. You can set your hand washed dishes into cupboard to drain. The water will fall into sink as these cupboards are always placed on top of the kitchen sink. You don't need to sacrifice the precious table surface for clumsy draining racks, and you don't need to roll your precious porcelain around with a towel.

A cupboard with sealed bottom. Luckily the dish washing machine reduces the need of the cupboard.

It's strange how come this innovation has not become popular globally. Maybe it's due to the big kitchen dealers and their bad adaption of the cupboard: for example Ikea and Kvik have sealed the bottom of the cupboard - which means that the water stays in the cupboard and air cannot flow freely. Which again leads into one thing only: mold.

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