Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As the saying goes: love

Finnish language is rich in phrases. Using phrases smoothly makes a hit, so let's go through some of the phrases related to love - with direct translations and some kind of attempt to explain the meaning. Usually these are doomed attempts, but let's try out:

Teerenpeli - game of black grouse
Vispilänkauppa - sales transaction of a whisk
If two people have game of black grouse or sales transactions of a whisk with each other, they clearly have something going on. But this is very early stage, nothing official yet.

Pihkassa - in resin
When you're in resin, you've fell in love. In a light, cute and blushing way.

Suu messingillä - mouth on brass
Obviously young love makes you just smile all the time, in other words, your mouth is on brass.

Purjehtia avioliiton satamaan - to sail into the harbor of marriage
And if things are progressing, one day you may end up getting married - sailing in into the harbor of marriage, that is.

Näyttää kaapin paikka - to show the location of cupboard
Eventually the one who's more dominant in the relationship is the one to show the location of cupboard.


  1. Rakkaudesta se hevonenkin potkii! He may tease you but that only means he likes you, ie bullying is fine, girls!

    1. Aaawww! That's so good! How could I miss that?