Saturday, February 25, 2012


Weddings are wonderful! I can't think of nicer party concept than wedding: all of your dear friends and family gather to celebrate your love. Most of the weddings I've been to have actually been surprisingly traditional. Or let's say conventional. And I'm not saying this as criticism, I just recently realized that my parents' generation was much more radical what comes to wedding. I've listed some of the common features of today's wedding:
  • The couple is in their thirties. They've been living together for quite some time already. This makes the gift side a bit tricky, because they most likely already have what they need.
  • The bride is wearing white. Even though white dress is supposed to refer to virginity. Which luckily is not the case in reality, usually.
  • No rehearsal dinners.
  • There's the official wedding ceremony - either in the church or a civil ceremony. In about half of the weddings I've been to, the father has walked the bride down the aisle, in other half the couple has walked the aisle together. We don't do vows, simple "I do" will do.
  • The guests are throwing rice on the couple as they step out the church. Except that in downtown rice is not allowed, because it gets mushy and it's not good for the pigeons who will eat the leftovers anyway.
  • After the ceremony there's the actual reception. 
    • Reception starts by shaking hands with the parents of the couple and congratulating the couple.
    • Usually the food is at the buffet. 
    • Modern couple doesn't like traditional games, such as highjacking the bride.
    • Some DIY-stuff is included in the reception: wedding candies, decorations, placing cards - something is for sure self-made.
Wedding candies without the candies
    • There might be a stack of firewood (i.e. hidden bottles) somewhere close by the reception venue.
    • After the main course it's time for the speeches.
    • The couple starts the cake. Whoever kicks the ground first right after cutting the first piece, he or she is going to "show the location of the cupboard".
    • Then comes the dance, usually starting with waltz by the couple.
    • In the end of the evening the bride tosses the bouquet. The groom catches the garter with his teeth.

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