Monday, February 20, 2012

It's spring. Officially.

The spring is here, officially. This morning I was exposed to many unquestionable pieces of evidence:
  • It was light when I walked to office. I went to office a bit later than usually, though.
  • Birds were singing.
  • It was warmer. Feather jacket was almost too much.
  • I saw a mosquito. A live one.

And if those were not enough, here's some more. Dear winter, you may go now, you've given all you've got to offer:
  • The official snowstorm of the year (actually many of them) - checked.
  • Sledding - been there, done that.
  • The best and the last Runeberg's torte of the year - it was perfect until it lasted.


  1. WHAT?! ALIVE mosquito?! Did it fly etc awful?

    *I have seen all. Mosquito in february. DOT*

  2. Yes, it flew and landed on the snow. Didn't bite though :D