Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie shows

One of the nicest services in Tapiola is the old cinema, Kino Tapiola. It has been recently renovated, and the end result is a nice combination of modern technology and old architecture.

The advantages of Kino Tapiola:
  • Plenty of room for your legs
  • Minimum amount of commercials before the movie
  • Love seats in the back
  • Beautiful vintage neon lights outside the cinema
  • No need to reserve tickets in advance and hurry get them one hour before the show
  • Seats are not numbered, you can pick whichever seat you want
  • Lack of screaming video/dance/rally games in the waiting hall
And anyway, movies are a safe place to go to even though you didn't speak Finnish. Almost all of the non-Finnish movies are subtitled, not dubbed. Usually only kids movies are dubbed in Finnish, but in nearly 100% of the cases the original English version is running at the movie theaters at the same time with the dubbed version.

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