Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sushi in old Tapiola

I've lived in Espoo for almost twelve years now. During that time I've stayed in Otaniemi, Leppävaara and now for couple of years in Tapiola. Tapiola is the first place that actually feels like home. At first I wasn't able to deal with my approach towards the city, but the longer I've lived here the more I've learnt to like Espoo. Maybe it all comes down to the fact that based on the population Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, but somehow it has managed to stay very unurban. And that makes Espoo a bit comical city and difficult to categorize. But when you realize that there's simply don't need to categorize Espoo, then everything goes nicely.

As an ode to Espoo I decided to challenge myself to write about the good and vivid sides of Espoo. Don't worry, I won't concentrate on Espoo alone from now on, but I just want to lift up some highlights every now and then, something that I can warmly recommend for others as well.

One of the places to recommend is a restaurant called LN Sushi Art. LN Sushi Art has been at Mäntyviita, the old center of Tapiola for about one year now. It's not the number one sushi place in Helsinki area (Umeshu and Gyosai are the best in my opinion), but definitely a decent place and it has absolutely no reason to be shamed of their sushi. Meal number 3 containing lots of salmon works for me.

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