Friday, February 10, 2012

Weird and wonderful Tampere

Yesterday I visited Tampere. Business, not pleasure - but it was fun anyway. I bumped into couple of funny things and learnt something about the local public transportation culture:
  • You're not supposed to stop the bus by waving your hand, as you do in Helsinki and Espoo. I felt myself as a hillbilly while being the only one waving at the bus stop.
  • I saw at least ten, maybe fifteen people wearing Reino slippers. In a public. Outdoors. On a freezing day of -15C. What the...?
  • People of Tampere were talking about midgets. I don't know why and I didn't dare to ask, because I'm allergic to LARPing - but they were talking about midgets. On a positive note, they were honest and straight forward and didn't talk about "vertically challenged" or "smaller fellows". 
Tampere is a weird town with industrial edge. People of Tampere don't talk posh, they are straight forward and humorous. That's why I've always liked Tampere.


  1. Dude, of course you're supposed to stop the bus by waving your hand. How else are you going to stop it?

    I haven't seen any Reinos around but I can so imagine that! :D

  2. Well, people in Hervanta had their hands deep in their pockets. I looked around, almost got into panic and started waving in the last possible moment - everyone else stood still. And yet every single person at the bus stop jumped into the very same bus.

    Reinos appeared in Hervanta as well. Maybe I'm making too quick conclusions?