Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Restaurant Day

Next Saturday, on February 4th delicious things are happening: It's Restaurant Day.

On Restaurant Day anyone can set up a restaurant for a day. You can figure out the theme, menu, target group, location and dish price yourself - only the imagination sets you the limits! And then just sign up for the event with your restaurant, and you'll get your restaurant on the event site and into official map. So if you have always dreamed about the restaurant of your own, this is your chance to try it out for one day as the first step. The food can and should taste and look like self-made.

Or, if you're not keen on cooking for others, go and take a tour on pop-up restaurants at the event. Take some cash with you, print the map, plan your tour and go go go! In the past events the portions have usually been bigger than snack but smaller than a feast, so what comes to the volume of your stomach, you can afford to visit several restaurants. The atmosphere of the event is lovely, and in fact the Restaurant Day was recently awarded as a "cultural act of the year". This is simply one of the must experiences.

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