Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet the weathermen

I must continue the weather theme. If you're talking about weather, you must know the people behind the weather: the meteorologists. These are the most powerful people in the Finnish society, as they are the ones who decide which topics people are talking about. Politicians must be envious.

Pekka Pouta. Nomen est omen - his last name means "sunny weather" in Finnish.

Petri Takala. In the end of his forecast he usually approaches the camera and tries to come through the TV screen into your living room (check out the 5 last seconds of the video). I'm not sure if approachaphobia is a real diagnosis, but I'm sure he's causing the phobia. In the video he's younger and thinner than today, but for recognizing him today: he looks just like the comic book guy in the Simpsons.

Mette Mannonen. Mette has grown from an insecure weather girl to one of the most professional meteorologist. She has the best weathers, and she can find the silver lining of clouds.

Anssi Vähämäki. Watch out this guy. He doesn't look harmful at all, but he knows how to mess the weather! You can tell by looking out the window if he's been forecasting: it's raining cats and dogs and it takes at least a week from his colleagues to fix the weather back to good.

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