Monday, January 23, 2012

Waiting for Feb 5th

Hooray, we will have the second round in the election! We will have two smart guys against to each other. Both rely on argumentation instead of populism: now shoot the arguments, I'm waiting for them! The next election is in two weeks, February 5th.

February 5th is worth waiting for another reason too. That's the day when we are celebrating Runeberg's day. Our national poet Johan Ludwig Runeberg lived in the 19th century, and he has written the lyrics of the national anthem. But the real reason why Runeberg's day is so special lies in his wife's cook book: the delicious pastries named after Runeberg.


Runeberg's tortes are the best pastries there are. They are available only once a year, which is probably part of the secret, but the other half of the secret is the spongy structure, delicious almond and sweet punsch. There are many variations of the torte, on the commercial selection I can recommend a take away torte from Café Ekberg or Kaisa's Café.

Get ready in time. On the 6th of February it's too late - to vote and to chase Runebergs.

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