Monday, January 30, 2012

The menu of the 80's

In the past 25 years Finnish food culture has taken a giant leap. The wealth of the people has increased, EU has accelerated the import, folks have been traveling also in other places than Sweden, hence learnt to eat more exotic delicacy than shrimps from the ferry buffet. Leap of 25 years is clearly visible on the lunch table. At the 80's we didn't have McDonald's. We had not tasted sushi, tapas, kebab nor wok.

Then what did we eat in the 80's? This list gives some idea (I'm sorry for the translations. My culinary vocabulary originates from Top Chef and the English translation of Sodexho Metsänpoika menu. And I don't remember spotting these cuisines in Top Chef...)
Have we gotten into better or worse direction? Well, it's a matter of taste.


  1. I'm don't now how to write this right, but liver"box"? (maksaloora) I think it belong in this "menu" also... ;)
    You du think so too Katri?

  2. Indeed! Actually all box and temptation foods do belong into menu :)