Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer journalism

Finland has moved into summer journalism mode. This means that the quantity and the quality of the news drops enormously, and they start to recycle the news from previous summers. The first official piece of summer journalism is speculation about Teemu Selänne's career: will he continue playing for one more season? Selänne's career speculations are usually reported around the same time as the speculations about the Juhannus weather: will it rain or is it going to be sunny?

Image: Photo courtesy of S.yume/Creative Commons

The news flow will naturally continue with reports of the traffic peaks in Juhannus - as I mentioned in the previous post, most Finns travel to countryside for Juhannus. I bet on Thursday evening we hear of how the traffic has progressed, and on Sunday noon we'll hear "Juhannuksen paluuliikenne on käynnistynyt", the returning traffic of Juhannus has started.

Later in July we can expect news about funny animals. A shoplifting squirrel is one of my favorites from past years. News about weather like storms and heat waves are also to be expected. But let's hope that the bad news, such as drownings and chain accidents will stay minimal. No news is good news.


  1. This tragedy was reported already in the spring, but falls nicely in the category of summer journalism. Let's hope it was the shoplifter, not just an innocent bypasser!

    1. Yes, definitely summer journalism! In the end of the article there was a link "Lue lisää Moron sivuilta" ("Read more in the Moron site") - is Moron English or Finnish in this case? Moron news site, suits for summer anyway :) Hyvää Juhannusta Essi!