Monday, June 18, 2012

Lost and found

We Finns like to see ourselves as honest people. I see that way too, at least to some extent, but I'm not saying we are somehow more honest than any other nation. However, I think we are rather honest what comes to lost property: we don't automatically go for finders keepers, but we try to find the original owner of the piece. My friend has for example forgotten her hat in a train in morning, and in the afternoon she found the hat in the train she took back home.

I experienced the lack of finders keepers attitude yesterday: I was in kettlebell class Thursday evening. I had taken off my rings and put them into the pocket of my backpack. Obviously my wedding ring had jumped out from the pocket when I searched my bike keys, because when I got back home I could find only the engagement ring. Yesterday I went back to gym and asked if someone had found and returned a ring into the reception. And there it was, perfectly undamaged with pink post-it note. Looking at the date and time on the note, someone had found the ring from the bike parking area and returned it about five minutes after I had left my kettlebell class.

Thank you stranger who found my ring and returned it to the Esport Center reception.

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