Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let's grill again, like we did last summer

I must admit I've never understood the difference between barbeque and grilling. So forgive me for mixing the terminology.

Grilling, as we call it, is quite popular way to cook in Finland in summer time. I believe the secret behind the popularity of grilling in Finland is the summer cottages: cooking outside on fire is the most convenient way of making food, since majority of summer cottages have traditionally been unelectrified.

Many prefer gas grills. Then there are those pallogrilli, ball grills, which run on coal. My personal favorite is anyway a masonry grill made of bricks, which run on wood. It takes time to burn the wood into suitable degree, but it's worth all the trouble.

My absolute favorite food to grill is grilled mushroom which are stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped into bacon. Yummy! Also sausage will do. I'm not a fan of grilled meat, I think it easily get dry and therefore I prefer the frying pan or parilla. Some are grilling fish too, but I prefer to have my fish smoked. Other good stuff for grilling are onions, peach halves, pineapple, tomatoes - actually any vegetable will do if you wrap it into foil and put some cream cheese into the package.

The grilling season is on. And it lasts until the independence day - December 6th that is.

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