Sunday, June 24, 2012

Juhannus in pictures

In juhannus you can sit on the rock by the water also in the city. A mandatory bare foot picture.

The nature is close by, even in the city.

Not everybody were resting. I guess juhannus is good time to work for one-man-band entrepreneur.

Cars were gone so you could spot some wild strawberries by the parking lots.

Summer idyll meets high tech - only in Espoo.

I went to see the quiet city by kickbike. 

The city was really empty.

I kicked off the new biking lane Baana at the city center. It was nice.

On juhannus the daylight time lasts for 19 hours. Which means vacation for the street lamps. This one was apparently enjoying its vacation. 

Juhannus night was full of magic.

On Saturday morning forest was still under a spell.

Saturday night was so cold that one had to wear woolen socks.

But luckily good food compensated the cold weather.

Summer is state of mind. And menu.

 On Sunday there were mostly tourists in the city. And this funny bottle player.

Ten to twelve people were queuing to Stockmann sale. 

As a grande finale of juhannus we went into the brunch heaven of Kämp Brasserie. Probably the best brunch I've ever eaten. I especially loved the prawns skagen, black currant herring and ceasar salad. And roasted lamb. And sparkling wine.

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