Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Come on baby light my fire

Starting a fire in sauna stove is a skill I have taken for granted, but I just realized that it may not be that simple. This is how you make a fire in stove:

Check that the plate above the stove is drawn out from the wall level. It means it's open, so the smoke gets out.

Check that the valve for replacement air is open. Burning is all about stuff joining to oxygen, so you need to make sure there's enough replacement oxygen available.

Open the drawer under the stove. This ensures that the oxygen really reaches the flames.

Put some newspapers or bark on the bottom and lay the wood on top. Wood must be dry and not too big. Leave some space between the woods.

Light the fire.

And then, close the hatch. It burns better when the hatch is closed. You'll hear from the sound if it lit or not.

Add some wood in about 20 minutes.

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