Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vappu in pictures

Vappu is the only real carnival in Finland, and therefore it deserves its own post in pics. Pictures tell more than words.

It all started on May Day's Eve at restaurant Allotria. Good swing, good food, good mood.

Vallilan vapputanssit, dancing in the park at Vallila.

Puhvetti stands for affordable home-made snacks.

Watching the May Day's Eve over the roofs of Helsinki.

Please don't pee on the street.

Sitting Bull crossing the Pitkä silta with quite a speed. I wonder if he's a working class hero or capitalist.

Manta a.k.a Havis Amanda bathing in the morning sun on the first of May.

Julkku magazine, made by teekkarit, sold by teekkarit for teekkarit.

Kaivopuisto and Ullanlinnanmäki in Vappu morning.

Yes, Vappu is the celebration of students and other folks wearing overall.

These were invented long before OnePiece and other trendy jump suits.

Retuperän WBK playing newer French horn music.

People, take off the cardboard stiffener from your hat! Nobody's cap is that stiff in real life.

Delicious picnic sandwich.

Some doughnuts and pavlova.

Now that's what I call uniform! Cap, beige spring coat and a glass of bubbly.

It was a hauska vappu!

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