Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tap tap

Traveling makes you to pay attention to the basics. Say tap water. Sure the tap water is drinkable in many countries, but in Finland the water really tastes good. Evian and Voss  are left far behind. It's just madness that some Finnish restaurants serve bottled water as the still option - I've started to ask specifically for tap water if I spot water bottles on other tables.

I spent the past week in Germany, and their tap water wasn't bad either. However, they drink huge amounts of bottled water anyway. A pregnant colleague of mine had to negotiate for quite some time in a restaurant to get a glass of tap water to drink - because the still bottled water tasted so bad to her and she couldn't go with the bubbles. The magic words that made the waiter to understand her were "you know, the water that you use for washing dishes, I want a glass of that, bitte".

But even though the tap water is excellent in Finland, there's one thing that we're clearly missing: public places to fill in your water bottle. That kind of springs or fountains simply don't exist here.


  1. I'm (annoyingly) very picky with water, to the point to distinguish -at least pretend- between different brands of bottled water (still of course!).

    That said... I do enjoy Finnish tap water very much. It still surprises me, 4 years later, how good it is. To the point that I don't miss bottled water anymore :)

    1. I've tried tap water in the village of Evian. I must admit there I missed bottled water :)