Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The art of wearing hat

The baby princess Estelle of Sweden had her christening yesterday. Because of the close neighbor relationship, the president of Finland usually has the front row seats for the official family events organized by the Swedish royal family. Tarja Halonen was sitting on the front row in the wedding ceremony of Victoria and Daniel, and yesterday Sauli Niinistö and Jenni Haukio were having a close look at the baby princess as she was dipped into holy water of Öland.

Yesterday all of the royal ladies and majority of the other lady guests wore a hat or a fascinator of some sort. Jenni Haukio didn’t - even though it would have suited her well. And she has even been spotted with fascinator earlier, in her first official visit to Sweden (image below). But I guess that’s the difference between us republicans and the monarchists: If you invite a representative of a monarchy into a big fancy daytime event (as you probably often do), she will naturally wear a hat or fascinator, while her republican sister will most likely have no head-wear what so ever. As a statement.

Anyway, the hat industry must be very grateful to the monarchs of the world. If there were no monarchies, the only hatters to survive would be the cap-makers. Because that’s what we, citizens of a republic state, love to wear.