Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Song booklet, finished main course and still some schnaps in the glass!

Sitsi is an academic sing-along dinner. Sit and sing, sitsi - that's easy to remember. Today afternoon 800 student from different university faculties had an open air sitsi at Senaatintori.

The plot and the rules for sitsi are:
  • Place yourself next to the other gender. Women are not supposed to sit next to woman or opposite to woman. Mix it.
  • You can expect at least three course menu including the drinks.
    • Schnaps for the starter
    • Wine for the main course 
    • Punch or cognac with coffee, after the dessert
  • Sing about your drink, and drink of what you sing about.
  • Take a sip after each song. No bottoms-up or you'll miss the main course.
  • After singing, before drinking, you're supposed to toast:
    • Ladies toast first to left, then to right and eventually across the table.
    • Gentlemen toast first to right, then to left and finally across the table.
  • You're supposed to look in the eye the person you're toasting to. If you avoid eye contact, you'll be doomed for bad sex for seven years. On the other hand, bad sex is probably better than no sex at all.
  • The eagerness to sing is more important than the sound. There are song booklets for those who don't know the words.
  • If someone speaks or starts singing, you're supposed to put down your cutlery and join the song.
  • If you're able to finish the starter while it's still cold or the main course while it's still hot, then you haven't sung enough.

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