Saturday, May 5, 2012


Ice hockey marketing people know how to target the message. I'm well aware that I'm not part of the hockey target group, and it was only until yesterday when I realized there's going to be world championship tournament. Hosted in Finland. Starting yesterday. Congratulations, well addressed marketing. And this wasn't sarcasm, I'm honestly happy the message didn't reach me until the opening day - I was able to enjoy the peace and harmony for as long as possible.

Finland has won the world championship twice: in 1995 and last year. Both times we've battled against Sweden in the final game, which has made the victory even sweeter. Both in 1995 and 2011 there has also been enormous street party in Helsinki on the day the team arrives back home. In fact, the ice hockey world championship and Lordi winning the Eurovision song contest are the only occasions when Finns are really having party on the streets. But if you compare the hockey party and the Eurovision party, I think the hockey party is more aggressive and it's somehow considered as a common entitlement to misbehave.

    A day after the last world championship

I'm not a fan of ice hockey, and I can bear with people commenting the games in Facebook (although last year I remember wondering who the hell is Granlund, what on earth is ilmaveivi - Michigan in English, I suppose - and why are these unknown terms appearing in my Facebook feed). But I do have one wish for the world championship games: if Finland accidentally wins the whole shit, please don't break the city.

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