Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finland vs. Spain

This is not about economical debate at European parliament. This is not about football - Finland would get beaten badly. This is not about ice hockey game either - Spain would get beaten. This is about a cheese.

Posing with a celebrity: Manchego (left) and Juustoportti Gruyére (right).

In my last post I mentioned Manchego cheese. It's without a doubt one of my favorite cheeses. Until recently I've thought that Finnish cheese cannot have character. That they're all about Oltermanni or Edam. But I've found a new Finnish favorite: Goat milk Gruyére by Juustoportti. It's representing completely different cheese type, so you can't compare it with Manchego, but this one is definitely good. Try it with salad and nuts. And some red wine won't hurt either.


  1. As a cheese lover and gruyere fan I'll have to try that! Where can you get it?

    1. Stockmann Tapiola, right side end of the cheese desk. (And Swiss Kaltbach gruyere, between Juustoportti gruyere and Manchego, is also super good, totally different to Finnish one though)

    2. Now I've finally tried it! And you were right, this Finnish gruyère is good :)