Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogging my way through the winter

Nut Island's Peace has now been up and running for 3 months. It has been fun, I had almost forgotten how much I used to enjoy writing back in high school. Writing in English is of course a bit challenging, and I often feel like a verbal handicap - but that's the way it goes, imperfection hurts.

When I started the blog, one of my goals was to write about Finland in a different way than tourist guides do - to focus more on the everyday life and ordinary phenomena. I think all of the topics have somehow managed to touch Finland or life in Finland. Another goal was to prove the True Finns wrong: I've wanted to give an example that most Finns don't see things as the True Finns do. And ta-daa, the support for the True Finns has been dropping. Although my blog can't probably take all the credits for that.

It's been relatively easy to come up with topics, and my colleagues and friends have been suggesting great topic ideas; thanks guys. What I've been most surprised about is the frequency of the updates. On the other hand, maybe this has been my way of surviving the dark, cold and snowy winter. I'm pretty sure that along the spring the pace won't remain the same as it has been during the first three months. However, there are still plenty of good topics that I haven't had time to write about: summer cabins, Angry birds, different colors of milk, lactose intolerance, recipes for many Finnish dishes, to mention few.

So the story continues!


  1. Hey, I didn't know you blog, too. That's great. Let's keep writing about this special country we live in that's supposed to be as good as winning the lottery.

    1. Oh yes, this is my latest crush, the old one ( has been updating since 2006. Let's keep writing (and filling in those lottery coupons)!