Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Angry Birds

Angry Birds Space was launched today. As a tribute to the great Finnish game innovation, meet the Angry Birds DIY edition:

Big fitness ball is perfect for the project. It's already March, so new year's sports resolutions have been expired, and there must be some excess sports equipment lying around under the bed (because that's where you're supposed to store all the excess sports equipment, at least according to TV shop). Draw staring eyes and bird's nose on the ball. You can use spray paint or permanent marker, but tape will do as well if you're looking for a temporary game. That's your bird shot.

Then you need to nominate the pig. You need transparent tape to make the lucky one's nose to look like pig's nose. And once you're done with the tape, all you need is to pitch the bird and try to hit the pig. At least my 3-year-old nephew was crazy about the game.

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