Monday, March 12, 2012

Sports in the sofa

Finns are good at watching sports. Occasionally we even manage to succeed in practicing some sports, such as ice hockey, skiing, ski jumping, snow boarding, swimming, shooting and all kinds of noisy motor sports. In sports the sweetest thing for us is to beat the Swedes, no matter which sports we're talking. The latest sweet victory was of course the world championship in ice hockey last year, when we beat Sweden 6-1. And in general, watching ice hockey is probably the most popular sofa sports among the Finns.

Football is not that popular in Finland. For us football means the real football, not the American football. Nonetheless, we suck at it. But what else can you expect, as the poor players have to wear long johns under their team shorts for half of the season. However, we are much better in various football spin-offs, such as deep snow soccer and swamp soccer.

Throughout the years our drivers have been rather successful in motor sports: formula 1, rally, trial, and whatever 2- or 4-wheeled competitions, you name it. We've always had more or less contradictory relationship to our drivers - we respect them but at the same time we pity them a bit. Maybe it's because many of them have quite personal style of speaking. Or maybe it's because they have to cope with huge salary and low taxation (since most of them are citizens of Monaco). But anyway, Marcus Grönholm is the best of them all.

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