Friday, December 9, 2011

Why Nut Island's Peace?

Finland is quite of an ok country. Finland is my home country. I've never been to passionate about my home land or being a Finn, but right now I feel I must write about it.

I'm working in an international company in Finland. I have many great colleagues and friends who have moved into Finland from another country. Many of my colleagues who live and work in other countries need to visit Finland quite often. In that context I think Finland shows quite flat image of itself. With this blog I want to do my share of unflatting the image.

Another reason for setting up this blog is the Finnish society and the politics. I'm quite uncomfortable with all the True Finns phenomenon. I'm tired of listening the one-sided politic talk about immigration, especially when we're running out of working-age people in this society. I hate to see the Finnish society snuggling down. That's not my Finland.

My third driver for this blog is to practice English.

Let's see how this blog turns out to be.


P.S. The name of the blog refers to Treaty of Nöteborg, which sort of defined the early Finnish border lines. Nut Island's Peace is a direct translation of Pähkinäsaaren rauha from Finnish to English.

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