Monday, March 5, 2012

Shocked by the sun

Last week I heard that Finns are still quite tightly coupled to nature. We can make the difference between bird species by the sound, we can forecast the weather by the smell of the wind, and we can tell the time by the shades of sun light. Sounds romantic, but there are downsides too: such as massive head ache in March that lasts about a week - that's my baggage. The ache starts on the first really bright day of the spring, when the intense sun light reflects from the white snow. That overly intense sunny day of 2012 was yesterday and the same game continued today. If the old pattern applies, the pain starts to relief around Thursday. I don't know if it's because it simply takes 5 days to get used to the sun, or because the cleanest snow is melting away and the dirt from the deeper layers eventually cuts off the intensity of the reflection.

And this is the cruelest part: I wouldn't want to complain after half a year of darkness. But on the other hand, what else can you expect but a shock after half a year of darkness? I'm so sympathizing you, Edward Cullen.

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