Friday, April 6, 2012

Mary had a little lamb

Easter is fun, maybe the best church related holiday there is. Easter is laid back, it does not require as much effective performance as Christmas. Easter food is better than Christmas food. It's sunny. And office worker can always count on four days off - unlike on Christmas, which can be only three days in the shortest case.

And what do we eat on Easter?

Roasted lamb
Vegetables, roasted or fresh
Setsuuri, sweet and sour fennel-flavored bread
Chocolate eggs
And whatever tastes good

The best thing with Easter menu is the flexibility. On Christmas table you need to have the certain traditional dishes, prepared in certain way, according the one and only traditional family recipe. On Easter you can have a little bit of this and little bit of that, and you can be innovative and flexible with the actual execution: one year you may have lamb in coffee sauce, another year it's lamb in herb marinade.

One thing is for sure, on Easter you have to eat at home; practically no restaurants are open, at least not on Easter Monday. Only exceptions are Rosso and couple of other places.

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