Sunday, April 8, 2012

As the saying goes: holiday

Next week is my winter holiday week. I'd appreciate if the weather didn't take it so literally. I'm not traveling anywhere,  so this is a staycation. To celebrate the staycation I thought I'd share some lazy and relaxed phrases:

Elä hättäile, istu mättäille. Don't hurry, sit on a hummock. Don't worry, sit on a hummock. 
Back to nature type of approach for reducing stress.

    This tree on my way to gym is growing partly on top of a stone. 
    To me it seems as if the tree had sat down on a stone to take a deep breath: elä hättäile, istu mättäille.

Vetää lonkkaa. To pull hip. 
This has nothing to do with pulling the leg, this is about being lazy and relaxed, to take a break.

Syljeskellä kattoon. To spit to the ceiling. 
When you really have nothing to do, you can just lay on the sofa and spit to the ceiling. But watch out, what goes up, comes down.

Levätä laakereillaan. To rest on one's bearings.
This phrase may often have a bit negative tone, it may refer to simple resting, but may also refer to wasting your potential.

Ottaa löysin rantein. To take with loose wrists.
If you take your life with loose wrists, you most likely have quite laid back attitude and you don't worry for too much.

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