Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two drains

Image: Nina Matthews / flickr cc

Have you noticed that in new and newly renovated apartments there are two drains in the bathroom floor? Do you know why? Because the national building standards say so. The standards contain such a requirement because Finnish people tend to pass out in the shower, usually on top of the drain. So the other one is a back up drain to prevent the shower from flooding into other rooms.


  1. That´s a little bit scary, that it´s happend that often they changed the building standards. How do you shower over there?

  2. Hear hear... I recently had a water damage in my apartment (that why it's been so silent here), and when I told about the damage to my friends and colleagues, half of them asked "did your upstairs neighbor pass out in the shower?". No, he didn't. His water-circulated radiator leaked into our apartment.